Passionfruits fire: All for water, water for all

Only CHF 60.– can provide access to clean drinking water to a child in Mozambique

Viva con Agua flyer

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua (VcA) is a global network of people and organisations commited to establishing access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans world- wide.

With creative and joyful activities we raise aware- ness for the global issue of water and simultaneously raise funds for the water projects of our partner Helvetas. The Swiss organisation Viva con Agua Schweiz is at the center of our activities.

It‘s the origin for most of our actions, ranging from workshops and charity runs at schools to campaigning at music festivals and coordi- nating and educating of our magnificent network of volunteers and affiliated institutions.

What can you do?

Well, that‘s easy: Just fall in love with Viva con Agua! And become a water supporter with your donation.