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How to become a Passion guide?

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We need your skills

Your qualifications as a local expert are essential to us and the Passion explorers. We trust local experts who have the necessary skills and years of experience. As a guide you share your passion for your region, the surrounding environment and enjoy getting to know new people.

Profile verification

To help us verify you properly, we ask questions aimed at clarifying your skills, experience and expertise. You can also distinguish yourself with any certifications or licenses you may have - for example as a mountain guide, surf instructor, emergency responder or avalanche training and rescue swimmer’s qualifications.

We will review your profile and the feedback of Passion explorers on a regular basis. This helps us ensure that the Passion guides and their offers are really what they say they are and to guarantee the best possible customer experience.

Earn money and do good

You can get started as soon as you are confirmed as a local expert in your region. Share your passion with like-minded people, earn money and support sustainable projects all at the same time.

How much do you earn as a guide?

As a Passion guide how much you earn is up to you. Whether you want this to be a side job in your free time, or a full-time job you are licensed for. The offer varies. You can consider the following factors when you set your price: Will your explorer bring their own equipment, will you take care of transportation, will you offer accommodation, and are you a guide or more like a teacher? You decide, you set your own prices.